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Hi Shalom,

My name is Adi Ayali, also known as just AYALI.
I'm a UX-UI designer, graphic designer & visual artist located in the sunny city of Tel Aviv.
I’ve been doing my thing since 2013. Over the years I worked with startups,
individuals and big companies. I’m also the proud co-owner of 5 very cool apps.

I studied at the department of visual communication of H.I.T in Israel,
then expanded my horizons at the "Faculdade de belas artes de Lisboa" in Portugal.

Traveling around the world has always been my source of inspiration,
whether experiencing different cultures or encountering interesting people
who have their own unique stories to tell.
I'm drawn to the challenge of mixing between my agendas,
humor and reality, which I believe is the most effective way
of delivering a message or an idea.

Much of my work is showcased in my home country,
as in galleries around the globe, such as Saatchi Gallery
and Jealous Gallery in the UK.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to collaborate
or ask any questions that you might have,

See you in celebrations :)

+972 52 3396077